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Recent outbreaks in Africa (as notified to the OIE)

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Appointments of OIE delegates in Africa

13/11/2014 Mauritania : Dr Mohamed O. Baba O. Guéya
01/10/2014 Chad : Dr Mahamat Guinde
24/09/2014 Tunisia : Dr Malek Zrelli
17/09/2014 Tanzania : Dr Abdu Hayghaimo
15/09/2014 Libya : Dr Bahij Ammar
03/09/2014 Liberia : Dr Elizabeth Seklau Wiles
30/05/2014 South Sudan : Dr Jacob Korok
14/05/2014 Somalia : Dr Habiba Sheikh Hassan Hamud
14/04/2014 Gambia : Dr Abdou Ceesay
16/03/2014 Benin : Dr Byll Ouro Kperou Gado
14/03/2014 Mali : Dr Halimatou Kone Traoré

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12.2014 3rd REEV-Med General Assembly
12.2014 IGAD Seminar Vet. legislation
12.2014 Cooperation Agreement IGAD
11.2014 Vacancy OIE Deputy Representative Africa
11.2014 New OIE Bulletin for download (pdf)
11.2014 ECCAS Seminar Vet. legislation
11.2014 9th REMESA JPC Meeting
11.2014 Jocelyn Merot appointed in Tunis
10.2014 Closure PPR/VSPA project
10.2014 World Rabies Day in Bamako, Mali
10.2014 OIE experts review on Ebola virus
10.2014 New OIE SRR for Southern Africa
09.2014 World Rabies Day (WRD)
09.2014 WRD : Joint AU, FAO, OIE statement
09.2014 New OIE 2014 Aquatic Code in pdf
09.2014 FMD Meeting in North Africa
08.2014 OIE supports PRAPS design

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Latest reports and proceedings from conferences, seminars and workshops, held in Africa

Standard Setting Process of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) - A Handbook for Guidance of Participation of African Countries.
May 2014
(1.5 Mb)

African Livestock Futures :: Realizing the potential of livestock for food security, poverty reduction and the environment in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Mario Herrero, Petr Havlík, John Murray McIntire,
Amanda Palazzo & Hugo Valin.
Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Food Security and Nutrition and UN System Influenza Coordinator (UNSIC).
August 21st, 2014
(4.0 Mb)

Report of the meeting of the Regional Commission for Africa at the 82nd OIE General Session
May 26th, 2014
Paris, France (0.5 Mb)


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