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Foot and mouth disease in Namibia :: African swine fever in Cote D'Ivoire :: Bluetongue in Botswana :: Low pathogenic avian influenza (poultry) in South Africa :: Foot and mouth disease in Mozambique :: Newcastle disease in Botswana :: Foot and mouth disease in Algeria :: Foot and mouth disease in Uganda

Meeting on the evolution of the epidemic of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in North African countries

Tunis, 10 September 2014. The OIE Sub Regional Representation for North Africa organised a meeting in Tunis on 10 and 11 September 2014 about the FMD epidemic occurring in 2014 in the North African Region Read more....

OIE participates in the design of the Regional Project for Support to Pastoralism in the Sahel

Bamako, 15 August 2014. The OIE has just concluded the last in a series of 6 project design mission, conducted in the framework of the World Bank funded PRAPS project, the Regional Project for Support to Pastoralism in the Sahel (Projet Régional d’Appui au Pastoralisme dans le Sahel) Read more....

Prof. Louis Nel (South Africa) appointed Executive Director of GARC

Pretoria, 23 July 2014. On July 1st 2014, Professor Louis Nel of the University of Pretoria, South Africa, took over as the Global Alliance on Rabies Control’s (GARC) new Executive Director from Dr Deborah Briggs, who stepped down after 7 years as Executive Director, but will remain an integral part of the GARC board. Louis Nel has a long-standing track record of interacting with the OIE, both in Paris and in Botswana, as well as with the WHO and the FAO, and associated rabies collaborating centres and rabies reference laboratories. Prof. Nel will now become the driving force behind the annual World Rabies Day events. The OIE and the OIE Regional Representations in Africa congratulate Prof. Nel on this important appointment, as an African, and as an accomplished scientist. In May 2014, GARC signed a Cooperation Agreement with the OIE with a view to encouraging collaboration between the two organizations on issues of common interest

OIE Africa website celebrates 100,000 visits since 2008

Bamako, 21 July 2014. The OIE Africa website today exceeded 100,000 visits (hits) since it's (re)launch in 2008. To date, the site has been visited by +34,000 visitors (invididual IP addresses) from 185 different countries. Most of the visits originate from countries where the OIE has offices (Bamako, Gaborone, Nairobi, Paris, Tunis) and from the USA, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, the UK, Senegal and Belgium (including the European Commission, Council and Parliament) Have a look at the statistics...

Recent outbreaks in Africa (as notified to the OIE)

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Appointments of OIE delegates in Africa

17/09/2014 Tanzanie : Dr Abdu Hayghaimo
03/09/2014 Liberia : Dr Elizabeth Seklau Wiles
30/05/2014 South Sudan : Dr Jacob Korok
14/05/2014 Somalia : Dr Habiba Sheikh Hassan Hamud
14/04/2014 Gambia : Dr Abdou Ceesay
16/03/2014 Benin : Dr Byll Ouro Kperou Gado
14/03/2014 Mali : Dr Halimatou Kone Traoré
10/10/2013 Kenya : Dr Kisa Juma Ngeiywa

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09.2014 New OIE 2014 Aquatic Code in pdf
09.2014 FMD Meeting in North Africa
08.2014 OIE supports PRAPS design
07.2014 New WAHIS video online
07.2014 Prof. Nel appointed GARC Director
07.2014 Africa website exceeds 100,000 hits
07.2014 New OIE 2014 Terrestrial Code in pdf
07.2014 OIE meeting on rabies (Niamey)
07.2014 Dr Mapitse appointed in Paris
07.2014 RSC9 GF-TADs for Africa Meeting

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Latest reports and proceedings from conferences, seminars and workshops, held in Africa

African Livestock Futures :: Realizing the potential of livestock for food security, poverty reduction and the environment in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Mario Herrero, Petr Havlík, John Murray McIntire,
Amanda Palazzo & Hugo Valin.
Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Food Security and Nutrition and UN System Influenza Coordinator (UNSIC).
August 21st, 2014
(4.0 Mb)

Report of the meeting of the Regional Commission for Africa at the 82nd OIE General Session
May 26th, 2014
Paris, France (0.5 Mb)


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